Labels, Identity, and Goals

Labels, Identity, and Goals
Photo by Girl with red hat / Unsplash

In my last post, I wrote about how I had been doing some reflections lately.

I have kind of continued doing that, and after writing for myself about what I consider to be the best financial period of my life (material for a future post), I came to conclude on a few things.

We put a lot of importance and labels and our own identity. What are you known for? What do people go to you for? What are you good at? Are you the programmer/coder guy? The entrepreneur? The safety guy? The weirdo that "works online"? The auditor? The consultant?

We (I) let a lot of those labels define us (me). Life is too short for that.

I don't want to be a coder or maker. My goal with coding is not to just learn coding. Coding is a means to an end.

My ultimate goal is to build some boring business myself -through coding. An online business that almost runs itself on autopilot, requires little input and maintenance from me, and grows steadily while providing value for its users. A business that will ultimately replace my main income, and surpass it even. Eventually, allowing me to decide whether I quit my 9-5 and dedicate myself fully to it, or not.